Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

Argyll Workboats (Argyll Workboats Limited) is a modern dynamic shipping company with a broad knowledge of the marine service industry.

Anti Missile Trials

View the Specialist Marine Projects that Argyll Workboats have been part of:

Recently Argyll Workboats Ltd. supported BAE Systems and the MOD sea trials for the three new Oman OPV's as well as completing all combat weapons and sea trials support for the six of class Type 45 Destroyers from start to completion where 100% success was achieved at all times and on all tasks.

Previous similar contracts have also been for the following list of Countries new build naval warships ~ Malaysia, Brunei, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil and the U.K. R.F.A. Bay Class and Type 23 Sonar upgrades.

In conjunction with the above Argyll Workboats Ltd also carried out passenger transfer, cargo and supply services to the trialing warships and further worked closely with BAE Systems Combat Weapons Trials Team and BAE Systems Naval Architects to design and develop new hybrid calibration targets with enhanced capability to accurately record and transmit live data via our trials support vessel Seahorse II back to the firing warship.

Vessels operated by "Argyll Workboats" with their respective tasks are :-

As our Vessels are expected to operate Offshore as "all-weather vessels", considerable time and expense has been allocated to ensure that these vessels have minimumal downtime, thus making our vessels amongst the best in their field.

We are also engaged in an ongoing upgrade programme in an attempt to constantly improve our services and standards and are in the process of building a newer and larger vessel with added support services with state of the art equipment and onboard facilities.

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