Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

About Us.

The firm of "Argyll Yacht Services" was first founded, by Calum McMillan, in 1986 initially specialising in yacht repairs and International yacht deliveries.

High quality repairs in an extensive range of materials including GRP, Epoxy, Aluminium, Timber and Steel were carried out for a period in excess of ten years and were sought after throughout Europe by a wide and varied customer base including Naval Architect Surveyors representing all the major Marine Insurance Companies. The specialist repairs skills developed along with the reputation for quality and reliability are still referred to as a standard for others to follow in this field.

Supporting the repair and maintenance services already established, the business also undertook both commercial and recreational yacht International Deliveries which also developed into a further specialised area of Marine Salvage and Damage Limitation for Owners and Insurers.

In addition to this, in 1990 the business then diversified into Commercial Workboats, as opportunities at that time became available, and considerable past experience in this field had been already established working as "Lloyds Agents" representing Denholm Shipping and a number of International Oil Companies who constructed Oil and Gas Production Platforms at the Ardyne and Portavadie Oil Rig Construction Sites.

Since then "Argyll Workboats Limited", a subsidiary of "Argyll Yacht Services" has continued to trade and to date has owned and operated a total of seven workboats each modified or adapted to suit a specific operation or Contract.

Contracts and services carried out by "Argyll Workboats Limited" have included;

  • Commercial Dive Team Surface Support
  • Installation of Mooring and Marina Systems
  • Marine Salvage
  • Towing
  • Fish Farm Support and Maintenance
  • Ship Tendering
  • Cargo Transfers
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Guard Boat Duties
  • Safety Boat Duties
  • Personnel Carrying
  • Royal Mail Contractor for Isle of Aran (11 years 100% all weather record).
  • Support YSL / GEC Marconi Marine Royal Malaysian Navy Ship Trials KD Jebat and KD Lekiu.
  • Support Manufacturers Evaluation Trials with Lasers, Sonar, Radar ect.
  • Support BAE Systems Trials at LBIF Eskmeals.
  • Sea Trials - RFA Mounts Bay & Largs Bay.
  • Sea Trials - Royal Brunei Navy 3 ship Project.
  • Sea Trials - Royal Oman Navy 3 Ship project.
  • Sea Trials - Royal Navy Type 45 6 ship Project.
  • Live gunnery and combat weapons systems calibration sea trials with a wider range of OPV's, Frigates and Destroyers.
  • Specialised Military and commercial sonar Deep Water Trials off the Continental Shelf.
  • MOD Approved and Accredited Vessels and Procedures.
  • MOD Approved / Sonar Deep Water Trials.

Additionally "Argyll Workboats Limited" assisted in the development of the "VTMS" equipment now fitted to trialing Warships and Consort Vessel which is uniquely owned and used by BAE Systems to accurately record and prove the fall of shot in Gunnery Sea Acceptance Trials and Naval Gunfire Support.

The initial and continued support from "Argyll Workboats" has assisted in the development of the COBRA "VTMS" equipment and Enhanced Histar Surface Targets which has resulted in BAE Systems Naval Ships being regarded as the world leaders in this field.

Recent contracts supporting Gunnary Sea Trials for T45 1st of class HMS Daring and MOD Sonar Deep Water Evaluation.

Vessels operated by "Argyll Workboats" with taskings are :-

As MV Seahorse II is expected to operate Offshore as an "All-weather vessel", considerable time and expense is dedicated to ensure a minimum of lost sea time due to breakdown and to this end we consider our vessels to be in a good seagoing condition at all times.

We excel in doing jobs that others fear to tackle!