Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

Artic, Greenlandic Marine Specialists.

Having been tasked by Cairn Energy to work assisting the first Greenlandic Flagged Ship to achieve the relevant operational and training standards to allow them to work in Cairn Energy Capricorn exploration oil fields and to further develop an acoustic monitoring operation of all sub sea acoustic noise within the Polar exploration regions we enlisted our own technical services and experienced crews to deploy in the Arctic Waters of the northern Davies Straights supported by our sister company, Bluewave Maritime Ltd with whom we have worked with extensively over the past twenty years.

Small Ship Inspections, Client Rep. Application and training of oil and gas field standards and protocols, Greenlandic Governmental negotiations, Risk Assessments and development of Safe Working Practices relevant to specific operations in severe environmental conditions and environmental impact constraints by the Danish organisation NERI all formed part of SOW for the mission which was successfully achieved despite having to overcoming several unforeseen obstacles.



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