Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

Dive Support.

Coming from a commercial diving and marine salvage family background inherited from Calum's late Father's diving business where the Standard Set hard hat equipment was the rig of the day, Argyll Workboats Ltd have enjoyed many years supporting numerous commercial diving companies over a wide range of diving activities ranging from routine fish farm installation repair and maintenance, yacht marina installation, underwater ship survey and inspection, civil engineering survey and build projects and of course inert mine lay and recovery serials where the most advanced and technical diver held sonar and associated equipment has been deployed.

Seahorse II also operated as a dive platform for the commercial diving company contracted during the construction of the Malmo Bridge with an onboard hyperbaric chamber at the same time maintaining a safety presence in what is often described as the busiest area of shipping in the world.

With excellent facilities and protected work and storage areas Seahorse II makes for an excellent dive support vessel where commercial divers can both work and relax in safety and comfort.



We excel in doing jobs that others fear to tackle!