Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

Sea Trials & Combat Weapons Support & Calibration.

Argyll Workboats Limited has been part of the BAE Systems trials team for the Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Brunei Navy, Brazillian Navy, Trinidad & Tobago Navy, Royal Navy of Oman, Royal Navy (Type 45) and RFA Bay Class vessels.

Our vessel Seahorse II has been a very versatile platform for trialing and calibrating the entire spectrum of Naval Warfare Surface Systems both in UK Territorial Waters and within Europe where 100% success has ben achieved at all times.

With experience comes the confidence to undertake what can appear as high risk activities which when conducted in a controlled environment by highly experienced personnel are all efficiently achievable to the highest of standards with safety being the highest priority.

A selection of pictures are displayed for your interest to support our activities but due to Military and client confidentiality along with "restricted " information further details can only be supplied to approved sources where requested.



We excel in doing jobs that others fear to tackle!