Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

Ship Tendering & Supply.

With a maximum cargo capacity of 50 Tonnes and two self loading/discharging cranes Seahorse II has been frequently utilised to carry stores, spares and replenishment cargos to larger ships over the years.

Often this is also done in connection with passenger transfers as with the CAT 1& 2 MCA Certification (150 & 60 miles from a safe haven) Seahorse II can carry 12 passemgers and has a purpose built passenger gangway for internship transfers.

Challenging transfers have been carried out in the North Sea, English Channel, North Channel and River Clyde Approaches and at times when in adverse weather for "medivacs" from a warship's sea boat when there has been no other option or any other vessels in the area.

Safety protocols deployed by Argyll Workboats Ltd are the most stringent and have at all times been approved in advance and with the consent of Safety Officers from BAE Systems and Ship's Officers where our 100% safety record has been preserved.



We excel in doing jobs that others fear to tackle!