Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

Small Vessel, Ship Inspection And Audit.

Based on our many years of experience as Ship Owners and continually auditing and maintaing our own fleet of vessels we have a good working knowledge of both legislation and practical issues relating to small ships.

Using this experience and the underpinning supporting knowledge we have been involved in the survey and evaluation of a number of small ships both for our own specific purposes and for that of a number of our clients also involved in more specialised activities.

We have travelled to inspect ships in Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy and Canada to name but a few countries over the years and have purchased vessels but also condemned other vessels which were found to have had undisclosed structural defects, erroneous certification or stability data.

Recent taskings have included the specialised survey and certification of a vessel for the carriage of IMDG Class 1 cargo in approved TEU between Europe and the UK for one of our long standing customers along with a similar investigative project to carry Bio Mass fuel cargo and recycling materials around the UK and into Berlin via the Telto Canal.



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