Friday 23 Oct 2020

Argyll Workboats Limited

Specialist Towing.

Tow Masters with many years of towing specialist live gunnery targets, military towed surface and air targets along with both Harbour and Coastal towing operations using tugs and towing and pushing vessels of all types.

Towing and recovery of salvaged vessels with environmental protection, pollution control and damage limitation as essential aspects of the comprehensive scope of towing are always at the fore front of our Tow Master's considerations.

A selection of some unusual towed targets caught on camera ranging from enhanced Histar towed catamarans with remotely controlled onboard generators and weapon systems electronic sensors, "Killer Carrot" type targets towed at distances of up to 1500 m astern at times often in the challenging busy waters of the English Channel.



We excel in doing jobs that others fear to tackle!